Had my mind fogged with so many things to do in between taking care of my sweet little apple pie (my baby, not actual sweet, warm, delicious, fresh-out-the-oven little apple pie). Finally, had time to not only turn on the computer, but turn on the computer and ACTUALLY sit down and work on something. Awesome, I know. So I had an idea. I wasn’t sure what the idea was I just know I had one. I wrote it down quickly and it turned out okay, not creepy and confusing at all. It might need some artwork, let’s see where this goes.


What Happens When Dreams Die? (A Conversation with Another Self)

What happens when your dreams die?
Well, how did they die? Did your dreams die?

I’m not sure. I want to believe they haven’t, but I’m not sure anymore.
How are you not sure? What happened when your dreams died?

I’m not sure if that’s it for them yet. I can’t answer that question myself. So tell me.
When dreams die I assume they go to heaven. Like dogs and cats …

And fishes?
Yeah, just like fishes they swim up and keep swimming until they reach the heavens.

They don’t just disappear or die and go to heaven. They leave a legacy behind just like anyone would.
Yeah, they leave behind a body of work and ideas. Sometimes it’s they’re time to go though.

I wonder what legacy I will leave behind …
I do too.