A Journey into Inspiration

So, I love collecting stuff, anything really. I’m sure I’ll find it interesting. Back when I was a kid I use to collect rocks and minerals! I even had this rock kit, books, but I didn’t have the money to travel so I just collected along train tracks and in my backyard. It was fun, but then my archeology dream got replaced with other fun stuff like a brand new computer! From there I collected a bunch of different online interests like quiz badges (anyone remember those? Hahaha. Ah, memories.) and the first type of images with quotes and surprisingly enough I would collect HTML codes … I had a Geocities website with all of these things. Over the years I’ve gotten into collecting books, flyers, business cards, gift cards, fashion¬†tags, bottle caps and magazine ads. I’m not a hoarder though! I eventually get rid of it slowly, except some of my cool rocks … So because I like to collect ideas I realized the best place to do that would be here! Join me in my journey of inspiration. *Smiley face*

What inspires you?
I still love collecting magazine ads and gift cards. I love designs that push boundaries within their constraints and who doesn’t? Creative minds are a beautiful thing.

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