The Person

I've provided awesome content to awesome people; filled the air with beauty and perfected inches of the world. I have helped the restless find peace in their souls and the outcasts take control. My name is Brenda Molina and I specialize in the Amazing. Now, let me share with you a little more ...

My first career path was chosen while attending kindergarten-I wanted to be an artist for sure. I was just amazed at how good I colored in the lines, and, just how good I was able to manipulate the crayons. It was not even just the fact that I was naturally good at it; it was the fact that I actually enjoyed it.

By first grade, my brother took me under his wing and taught me how to draw. After first grade, I felt like an artist. I always wanted to paint, but I never had paint. All I had were packs of pencils, an unlimited amount of paper, and all the time in the world. I started to practice and soon started to create my own fashion line. I kept drawing all throughout my childhood, once I got to high school, I doodled and then I stopped. I started wondering what I really wanted to study … what was my true passion? It was still art of course, but I had no idea what type of art. I loved it all, everything about art was beautiful.

Then I decided to take a photography class. There, we developed our own photos and for every quarter of that great year we were assigned great projects. The teacher said I had a good eye for layout and asked me if I was going to study graphic design. I just nodded yes without any idea on what that was. I researched it and after I graduated from high school I applied to the International Academy of Design and Technology – Chicago. My declared major was graphic design and four years later I had no regret.

My name is, what?

Hi, I'm Brenda Molina, a graphic designer and digital artist from Chicago. I build brands with the purpose of creating out-of-this-world experiences so with my knowledge and your concept we can create something effective and beautiful. Contact me for more information.

With a strong passion and a natural drive for new ideas and solutions, I deliver what you need to stand out to your target audience. You share with me your ideas and we will develop your concept with a solid foundation into a marketable work of art that still aligns with your company's vision. It won't always be a timeless masterpiece, but it will always work.

Are you starting your own business? Or simply trying to take your game to the next level? From a logo to an identity system or a poster to other marketing collateral. I can help!

I am always interested in freelance and agency opportunities within the creative industry. We can communicate via email, Skype, phone and if you're in Chicago, in person.


Personal Formula

  • Consistency 80%
  • Surprise 20%