Our nature is to DO. (Don’t make excuses and DO IT!)

This is almost a follow-up of my posts about “doing”: Having Creators block? Feed Your Spirit and How FEAR almost ruined my life. And, almost a talk to myself as well as I clear my mind and realize things in life.

I use to always tell myself how naturally good I’ve always been in any creative project I take on. I mentioned this before, right? Whether it was hands on or digital, finding creative solutions to getting my codes and websites to run exactly how I wanted them run visually; I once grabbed a string and learned how to do bracelets, I took some newspaper and created backgrounds for a photo book I made, I grabbed a needle and figured how to sew and then I graduated from college and realized that talent wasn’t enough. At least, not with my lack of anything extroverted like socializing and communicating … with my voice. I always thought, “I don’t know what to say? How can I say this? Let me write it down. Did that sound wrong? I should’ve said this!” And just with my small “flaw” in communicating with others, I didn’t pursue frightful (fulfilling) things.

Yes, I was an excuse-factory and it always fell on my social skills which resulted in a huge snowball of flaws and excuses. Anyway, how did I move pass this HUGE impediment? Well, first I’m not like a trembling, shy human so I realized I just needed the practice. And the only way to practice is to DO. Go out and have a random conversation, preferably with an older person and see how comfortable they are. If you want to get better at drawing then draw every day. If you want to be more confident then forget about your worries and practice being confident. Fake it until you make it! (Staying reasonable of course.)

You can’t expect to improve any skill by watching a video or reading about it without putting what you just learned into practice. Yes, I told myself that after binge watching videos from Marie Forleo and Ramit Sethi, quality information and advice though! However, while a video or a book serves as a good motivator and sometimes that extra push you need comes from someone else, you have to remember that you have to actually carry out an action with as much quality in the action as you can. When you draw, draw with the awareness of drawing with quality and if you’re just not in the mood then know that the practice is better than none at all.

So fellow humans I end this with, don’t make excuses and DO IT because our nature is to do.

Do it right.

Do it right.

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