Having creators block? Feed your spirit.

There is nothing more important than the well-being of your mind. And we all have those days where you just want to chill all day, watch TV and order in. Go ahead and have those days and enjoy them, but you can’t allow it to become a habit. So what do you do when you have to do and you don’t want to? You do what makes you happy.

Take 20 minutes and go out for a walk, exercise, nap, meditate, read or paint. Escape all your thoughts and leave your worries for a few minutes. All it takes are a few minutes to get back on track. But, what if relaxing your mind doesn’t work? Then maybe what you’re looking for is a form of inspiration and motivation. Listen to a great podcast, read an inspiring book or watch a documentary/video with motivational speakers.

We live in the age of information so whatever you need you just have to search for it. Once you’re out of the rut DO, DO, DO! Take a break, feed your spirit (or your family, don’t forget about them) and get back to doing.

Also, before I end this snippet, the best form of inspiration is gratitude. Always remember what you’re thankful for.


What books, videos or activities do you do?

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