About me

Born Augusta Quintilian on February 4, 1949.
Obviously, kidding. Or am I?

I love to goof around and make myself laugh although most people do not find me funny besides my kids ...

Anyway, quick summary, I am creative by nature then went on to major in Graphic Design. I worked professionally with small companies for over 10 years and then freelanced for another long while when my son was born. That was almost horrible, but it led me to learn about myself, more about psychology, more about spirituality, and personal development. Once I learned the basics of those I was able to tackle more on business and entrepreneurship. Design is a science that comes naturally to me, but I would like to help others be self-sufficient in that. So if you have a question I will attempt to answer it.

Thank you for being here!


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I want to hear from you! Send me a message using the form below or to brenda@beejayem.com. If you have a suggestion or want to know more about anything I have posted, please don't hesitate, I will get back to you as soon as I can.