We are in Chicago and work around the world.

We are professionals with 10 years of experience working with influencers and a variety of businesses. Culturally diverse, customer service, punctual, responsible, etc. We are experts in design and well-rounded by design.

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At beejayem, we solve problems with original ideas for start-ups and established brands.

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Whether you're a corporation or a start-up, we are not afraid to be "dangerous." We use the tools available and our combined knowledge of your market to be strong and stand out.

Our ideas your plans.

creative development for your brand

From a grammar correction on your website or a sales sheet update to a redesign of your merchandise or a brand identity package! We are problem solvers and we love what we do.

strategy + design

Our process is simple. We get to know you, your company and your customer. We learn about your expectations, your desires and your fears and then, we ease your terror and present you with a fantastic plan for your project.

Case Studies

Take a look at our detailed projects. From sketches to final product.

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